Easy Back to School Lunch Recipes

Fellow Moms, As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are getting dangerously close to the start of the school year, return to the daily grind, and the busy schedules that we have almost forgotten about.

This year, one of my goals is to spruce up lunchtime.  Lunchtime is the one time a day that we all get to relax a little, to think & reflect a little, to enjoy a moment of peace.  This year, join me in making this personal time as nourishing mentally and physically as possible.  Here are a few ideas of lunches for kids & adults, feel free to share your ideas as well on our Facebook page or in the comments section.

For your kids….

1. Wendolonia blog gives us some amazing ideas for kids lunch boxes.  You probably already use many of these simple ingredients in your kids lunch boxes, but think about how a simple change in presentation could turn regular old carrots into an exciting lunchtime treat!  Imagine the smile on their face when opening their lunchbox up to find such a surprise.  Look at each individual ingredient in these two pictures, you probably have most of them in your refrigerator right now.




2. Mix it up with the much loved breakfast for lunch.  Who doesn’t love pancakes??  Mini Pumpkin pancakes (or really..any kind of pancakes), yogurt, and fruit makes a delicious and unusual lunch.  Visit Momables blog for the recipe.



For you….

1. Green Chicken Salad.  This delicious lunch from Pink Parsley recipes is the perfect lunch at home, or on the go.  Adding a little flair and crunch to traditional chicken salad, my mouth already is watering.  With simple fresh ingredients, for a lunch in the park or at work, just pack the salad separately and bring pita to stuff.  Yum!  Find the recipe here.





2. Make your own lunchables, here are a few fabulous and easy lunch ideas from Benneficial-Bento.  It scares me on a daily basis how many preservatives are in the foods we have been trained to grab for.  Making lunches from scratch, with fresh ingredients is not only much healthier, but much more delicious.  This website in particular shows side by side, the contrast of these simple home made lunches vs the world of pre-made foods such as the “Lunchable”.

3.  Do you ever feel tired and unable to concentrate after lunch?  I usually do because I eat too heavily at lunch or eat foods that my body needs all of its resources to process.  I fell in love with these easy to create Lettuce & Hummus wraps.  Not only are they delicious, but they keep me awake and my mind stays sharp for the rest of the day.

Now for the preparation stage

Here are a few of my favorite lunch prep tools:

1.  My octagon wood cutting board from Proteak Renewable Forestry.  This helpful beauty is easy to move and clean, great for morning lunch prep.  Though I have their larger chopping blocks as well, this board in particular I use for lunch.  Only $33 as well.  Make preparation easier with Proteak Teak Cutting Boards.

2.  Bento Box from Planet Box.  Planet Box has tons of neat containers for lunch packing.  Not only for kids, these easy to clean boxes make after school clean up super easy and fast.

3. Tupperware.  I don’t have a particular brand in mind, but this is an essential lunch prep tool.  Helps to store leftovers, and allows you to chop up veggies for the whole week.

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