Proteak at the Chefs Table

Proteak at the Chefs Table

All of our cutting boards are chef inspired and tested.  Here are just a few of the chef bloggers who use Proteak cutting boards for all of their work.  Why do they like Proteak so much?  Not only are our wood cutting boards long lasting and durable, they are photogenic, lending themselves to beautiful food photography and presentation.

Smashed Garlic.  On this beautifully photographed blog you will find “real food, and real thoughts from a small New England kitchen.”  In the image to the left Smashed Garlic is baking up some delicious marshmallows.  Boards of choice?  The 611 and 601.



The Ranting Chef.  You can tell the Ranting Chef loves to cook from the moment you click onto his website, there are so many tasty recipes to browse through. His cutting board of choice is the 609 square end grain.  Lots of room, for lots of ingredients.



Coseppi Kitchen.  Delightfully fresh and totally Austin, when these two chefs can’t be found at the Barton Creek Farmers Market they can be found in their kitchen experimenting with fresh local ingredients. Visit their blog.  Their favorite board?  The 317 end grain chopping block.

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