Different between end and edge grain cutting boards – FAQ from Proteak

How well do you know your chopping block?

answering our frequently asked questions.

We want you to know your board.  Teak wood contains many properties that are perfect for culinary applications. Its very moisture resistant, its high oil content make it naturally antibacterial, and its hard wood will keep your knives sharper than other popular cutting board material such as bamboo. Here are a few more answers to our most frequently asked questions.

-What is the difference between edge and end grain? Edge grain follows the edge of the tree, which is why you see long horizontal lines.  End Grain is a cross section of the tree, cut right through the middle.  There are benefits to each.  Edge grain can be cut thinner, making these boards lightweight and mobile.  End grain is a harder portion of the wood, making them more durable over time and very resistant to knife marks.

Edge Grain

End Grain






-Juice canal or no juice canal? The juice canal is a great way to catch run away vegetables and juices.  It is also very handy when carving or cutting meats.  I personally like the juice canal boards with no feet,because then I can flip them over and have a plain side as well.

-Feet or no feet?  Feet help to elevate your chopping surface off of your counter, making clean up quick and easy and preventing the board from sitting in water.  No feet allows you to utilize both sides of the board.
-How do I take care of my board?  Maintaining our boards is quick and easy!  Just season your board 2-3 times when it firsts arrives with mineral oil, coconut oil, or beeswax and then again monthly.  See more complete instructions here.

-Where does your wood come from?  It comes from our own plantations.  We grow all of our own wood from seedlings, that way we can be assured of its sustainability, and organic qualities.

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