10 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Home Chef

1. Thai Spice Sampler from Craig’s Market $29.95  A great stocking stuffer for the home chef, these hand blended spices will brighten up your winter cooking.

2.  Sustainable Teak Cutting Board Gift Set from Proteak Renewable Forestry  $28.99+  Give the gift of sustainability in the kitchen with Proteak’s sustainable teak wood cutting boards.  These boards make the perfect gift for your holiday hosts, or the special chefs in your life.  From small cutting boards, to large chopping blocks, Proteak has a cutting board for every chef.

3.  Microplane Herb Mill $19.95 Prepping herbs by hand with a knife can be a tedious and difficult task. Microplane’s easy to use Herb Mill cuts fresh herbs like parsley, dill, cilantro, sage and mint with hundreds of tiny scissors without bruising or blemishing. Dishwasher safe.

4.  Live Edge Walnut Magnetic Knife Rack from Driftedge $55 This beautiful handmade knife rack from Drift edge showcases the natural beauty of walnut, combining both aesthetics and functionality.

5.  Kitchen apron by Creative Chics $38.00  Who doesnt love to cook in style?  Handmade aprons come in many shapes and sizes and make great gifts for both children and adults.  I like this particular apron from Creative Chics because of its handy cooking utensil pockets and durable fabric.

Need a little extra help remembering those cooking conversions?

 Here is another great apron for the home chef.  

6.  Handmade Cast Iron Skillets from FeLion Studios $125+ These beautiful handmade cast iron skillets make the perfect holiday gift for the grower and chef.  What local foods would you cook up in your state?  Every state-shaped skillet is labeled with the FeLion Studios logo, and stamped with a production number. They are shipped raw, ( un-seasoned ) unless pre-ordered to have seasoning done ( $30 additionally). Each skillet comes with a custom made magnetic hanger that displays the pans neatly on the wall. This allows you to easily install the piece as wall art, use it, and re-hang your skillet simply by plunking it back onto the magnet for a clean and easy exhibition.

7.  Grown your own herbs with Aerogarden 7 from Aerogarden $126.95 The aerogarden herb grower is the perfect gift for the chef looking to become more sustainable.  Grow your own organic culinary herbs right from your own kitchen!  The AeroGarden is a self-contained, indoor aeroponic (form of hydroponics) gardening appliance. You can use it to grow contiuous herbs, vegetables, flowers, salad greens and even your own seeds with using “blank” pods.

8. Musical Wine Glasses from Uncommon Goods Music and food lovers unite!  These musical wine glasses illustrate the different notes you can create from a glass half empty (or full?).  Wine and dine in perfect time! Get your next dinner party humming when you turn your sips into a symphony with these gilded glasses turned musical instruments designed by Douglas Potts and Jasmine Lau of Nostalgics design studio. The etchings on the glasses are musical notations that correspond to the level of the liquid. When the user drinks to D for example, he or she may run a finger along the rim of the glass to create its lush, sonorous note. Or, for the more percussive partier, the same note will ring out with a gentle rap of his or her utensil on the side of the glass. From rounds of “Row, row, row your boat” to more ambitious orchestrations, you’re sure to strike a chord with the guests at your next soiree with this pair that covers a full 12 note octave from A flat to G. Made in Austria from lead-free crystal with gold luster.

9.  Guy Fieri Knife Set from Mr. G Products-If there is one thing any good kitchen needs, its a good knife set. This gift set is the ideal gift for anyone, chef or not.  This is the premier Guy Fieri 4 piece Knife Collection! This set of 4 knives includes the Guy Fieri 8″ Chef Knife, the Guy Fieri 5.5″ Santoku Knife, the Guy Fieri 8″ Off-set Bread Knife and the Guy Fieri 4″ Paring Knife. These blades are precision sharp and specially heat treated to keep a long lasting edge. Each handle is crafted from durable composite material (POM) and has slots in the sides to enhance grip. The handles also have Guy’s signature stainless steel polished star and end cap.

10. I could eat a horse-Reykjavik Corner Store $15.90  I admit, there are just some kitchen gadgets that you just don’t need.  One of those, for example, is this hot dog cooking machine.  The “I could eat a horse” spaghetti measuring tool is not one of those!  I cant tell you how many times I have accidentally made too much or too little pasta!  This measuring device helps you cook the correct amount every time.  This is the perfect gift for a busy mom or dad, the youngster learning how to cook, or really anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

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